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heathenheathen2 noun (plural heathen or heathens) [countable] old-fashioned  1 RRsomeone who is not connected with the Christian religion or any of the large established religions – used to show disapprovalpagan2 BELIEVEsomeone who refuses to believe in something – often used humorously
Examples from the Corpus
heathenHe seems to have lost the knack when he most needed it, for he was stoned to death by unimpressed heathens.Inside, bartenders wearing leather harnesses serve beer in cans to an assortment of brutes, heathens, and opera buffs.To his own granddaughter, Glover knew he and his father, their whole constituency, must seem as innocent as heathens.Returning missionaries spoke to large audiences who were eager to hear how their efforts elevated the heathen.If the religious lobby has its way, Sundays will certainly be duller for the heathen.Baptist asked why the easterners invaded their churches instead of heading for the heathen out yonder.Only on Everhope had the heathen met the fate they deserved.Overseas Mission was not so popular when we realized the heathen were nearer than we thought.