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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheterodoxhet‧e‧ro‧dox /ˈhetərədɒks $ -dɑːks/ adjective formal  PPGRRheterodox beliefs, practices etc are not approved of by a particular group, especially a religious one
Examples from the Corpus
heterodoxHis family were Alawites, a small, heterodox community.Like the sort of heterodox culture which Mapplethorpe incarnated.The challengers include two congressmen and a heterodox former Republican senator who stirs strong emotions on both sides of the political fence.Struggles aim at power and the imposition of a set of heterodox or orthodox norms and symbols.The difference is that the poststructuralists put themselves forth as heterodox prophets and turn out to be priests of convention.Yet foreign support can not justify persecution of house churches and other heterodox sects.