Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: invoquer, from Latin invocare, from vocare 'to call'


in‧voke [transitive] formal
1 if you invoke a law, rule etc, you say that you are doing something because the law allows or forces you to:
The UN threatened to invoke economic sanctions if the talks were broken off.
2 to make a particular idea, image, or feeling appear in people's minds by describing an event or situation, or by talking about a person [↪ evoke]:
a painting that invokes images of the Rocky Mountains
During his speech, he invoked the memory of Harry Truman.
3SCLP to use a law, principle, or theory to support your views
4TD to operate a computer program
5RR to ask for help from someone more powerful than you, especially a god:
St. Genevieve is often invoked against plagues.
6ROM to make spirits appear by using magic:
invoking the spirits of their ancestors

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