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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlibationli‧ba‧tion /laɪˈbeɪʃən/ noun [countable] formal  RRRELIGIONa gift of wine to a god
Examples from the Corpus
libationThe oblations included, in addition to the animal offering, a cake of flour and oil and a libation of wine.Then I raise my glass and offer a libation to my beloved.A libation of orange juice poured out on the ground to the memory of Uncle Max, that's all.Its ancestors haunt the mixing bowl, stirred to a gallop by the wooden spoon and libations of flour and milk.Eventually, inextremis, I poured the appropriate libations and: it worked - or seemed to.Thus bribed, the media steadily worked their way through mountains of free food and the occasional libation.Often they offer libations to the ancestral gods and cleanse themselves.Then Olivia and her brother, dressed in their priestly robes, pour libations into the holy well.