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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnovicenov‧ice /ˈnɒvɪs $ ˈnɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 EXPERIENCED#someone who has no experience in a skill, subject, or activity syn beginner The computer course is ideal for novices.novice at I’m still a complete novice at the sport. This trail is not recommended for novice bikers.2 RRsomeone who has recently joined a religious group to become a monk or nun
Examples from the Corpus
noviceNovice drivers are responsible for a large portion of all accidents.The computer program is easy for even a novice to master.If you're a novice to working with computer graphics, you should buy this CD-ROM.There are three classes; novice, amateur and professional.The Eiger is a difficult mountain to climb. Novices should not attempt it.Every novice student learns the elementary propositions of welfare economics.Knee and elbow pads are recommended for novice roller bladers.For novices, anxiety tended to mount steadily from the day before a jump to the moment of jumping.This is not to suggest that novices and Sisters do not leave.Inexperience does not serve the novice researcher well in these situations.Even then, the novice director liked to shoot on location.This command centre works better than using toolbar buttons to open files, especially with novice users.I could never stand and watch so would walk away to wink and flirt with the young novices.complete noviceAs you will realise I am a complete novice regarding these problems and would appreciate a little advice to sort them out.Water-Skiing Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced skier we have the facilities to cater for you.A variety of races attracted a range of talents, from complete novices to professionals.They come in three volumes, each presented by Julian Colbeck, and volume one is clearly aimed at the complete novice.A festival held to revive the art attracted hundreds of people, many of them complete novices.A course of classes on firing and driving steam trains is being offered to complete novices.