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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishOlympianO‧lym‧pi‧an1 /əˈlɪmpiən/ adjective [only before noun]  1 CALMUNUSUALRRlike a god, especially by being calm and not concerned about ordinary things He viewed the world with Olympian detachment.2 relating to the ancient Greek gods Olympian mythology
Examples from the Corpus
OlympianThe Olympian deities themselves no longer dominated public consciousness as they had done for centuries past.The college principal was an Olympian figure whom we hardly ever saw.The writers have a long way to go to scale these Olympian heights of absurdity, but they're trying.The Titanic terror, then, precedes the Olympian joy.The main objects of religion, however, the Olympian Pantheon, separated themselves from nature.Kate Robinson and former Olympian Peter Breen, fourth last year, look to squeeze on to the podium.Eliza Grierson was known as a gossip of Olympian standards.