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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorthodoxor‧tho‧dox /ˈɔːθədɒks $ ˈɔːrθədɑːks/ ●○○ adjective  1 CONVENTIONALorthodox ideas, methods, or behaviour are accepted by most people to be correct and right syn conventional orthodox medical treatments He challenged the orthodox views on education.2 CONVENTIONALsomeone who is orthodox has the opinions and beliefs that are generally accepted as being right, and does not have new or different ideas Orthodox economists believe that a recession is now inevitable. an orthodox Marxist3 RRbelieving in all the traditional beliefs, laws, and practices of a religion an orthodox Jewsee thesaurus at religious
Examples from the Corpus
orthodoxArticles were written which could be construed as orthodox, but still interpreted by sympathisers in their intended subversive sense.Orthodox Christianity teaches that Jesus was raised to life three days after he was crucified.Harassment of religion will only tarnish the orthodox church's reputation, while steeling the resistance of persecuted faiths.The monks of Valaam could be regarded as the future of the orthodox church.orthodox communismWomen from orthodox families told me that they were not allowed to wear them.An orthodox Hindu must not touch an untouchable or anything an untouchable touches.This interpretation of Karma is rejected by orthodox Hindus.orthodox historical researchThe Almoravids attempted to bring Africa back to orthodox Islamic practice.orthodox methods of treating diseaseThe first, and most orthodox, of these was the 11-18 comprehensive school.Lacan soon found himself in conflict with more orthodox psychologists.This difference in approach constitutes the fundamental difference between the homoeopathic and orthodox systems of drug use.He challenges the orthodox view that elderly people turn to formal agencies for help only when informal support is absent or inadequate.