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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpilgrimagepil‧grim‧age /ˈpɪlɡrəmɪdʒ/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 RRa journey to a holy place for religious reasonsmake a pilgrimage/go on (a) pilgrimage the chance to go on pilgrimage to Meccasee thesaurus at journey2 VISITa journey to a place connected with someone or something famous Presley’s home has become a place of pilgrimage.
Examples from the Corpus
pilgrimageThey set out for a pilgrimage to Rome.On his recovery he made a pilgrimage to the shrine of Rocamadour in the Quercy.Today, Dominique Sennelier, third-generation director of the prestigious company, makes a pilgrimage to Tucson.It was sort of a pilgrimage.It was a pilgrimage I had had to make, and I was glad I had made it.a pilgrimage to Graceland, Elvis' homea pilgrimage to MeccaIn March, the Lowes made their annual pilgrimage to the Rockies.I made two more visits to Knowlton, and it has now become a focus for my own particular pilgrimage.I am walking the river from mouth to source, ending my journey at Amarkantak-only half the pilgrimage.Each arises in a special way in the pilgrimage toward a united church.place of pilgrimageKlingenzell priory, between the castles Liebenfels and Freudenfels, was founded in 1333 and became a place of pilgrimage.Gwytherin became a place of pilgrimage to followers of her cult.His presence has already made Gyuto a place of pilgrimage.That aspect of Lourdes is now of course utterly dominant: this is a place of pilgrimage and little else.It was once a place of pilgrimage for local people, who came to listen to the nightingales that nested here.There, in 612, he established his hermitage, which was soon a place of pilgrimage.It, too, is an important place of pilgrimage and its music is increasingly finding its way into parishes.I have made places of pilgrimage. and cared for their pilgrims.