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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreliquaryrel‧i‧qua‧ry /ˈreləkwəri $ -kweri/ noun (plural reliquaries) [countable] technical  RRa container for religious objects that are related to holy people
Examples from the Corpus
reliquaryHe clung to the thought as to a talisman, or a reliquary of supernatural power.There is a fine early 18C altar frontal and some arm reliquaries on the altar.The relic reposes in a glass-fronted reliquary beneath a side altar of the same church in which it was first interred.One way of showing them respect was to enclose them in reliquaries and enrich these with precious substances.Valerian, Tiburtius and Maximum in separate reliquaries for exposition.In the casket was found a small reliquary which contained the heart of the Saint.The red velvet background of the reliquary is studded with precious gems and valuable ornaments donated by her grateful clients.The reliquary was a fine specimen of that type of art and of very good quality and in fine condition.