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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishriterite /raɪt/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 RRTRADITIONa ceremony that is always performed in the same way, usually for religious purposesritual funeral rites ancient fertility rites These traditional rites are performed only by the women of the village.2 rite of passage3 last rites
Examples from the Corpus
riteAnd we find the same thought expressed in the final instructions delivered to the departed in the Ainu rites of burial.Boyhood pledges and rites of passage, boy pages learning skills of survival from men of iron.They are shunned in any auspicious rites, especially marriage.Buddhist ritesA cleansing rite was performed before building started.The body cannot be buried until the funeral rites have been performed.The Batak chieftains perform the traditional initiation rite.A priest was called to perform last rites for the dying woman.One of these couldn't read or rite.Perhaps the technicians who control the mast are descendants of the shamans who presided over religious rites here.This feature was particularly emphasized in the early history of the Roman rite.These rites mark the cycle of life - birth, puberty, marriage, death.rites ... performedNo religious rites are performed at Théoden's burial.