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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsacrificesac‧ri‧fice1 /ˈsækrəfaɪs/ ●●○ noun  1 GIVE[countable, uncountable] when you decide not to have something valuable, in order to get something that is more important The minister stressed the need for economic sacrifice. The workforce were willing to make sacrifices in order to preserve jobs. She brought three children up single-handedly, often at great personal sacrifice.2 RR a) [countable, uncountable] the act of offering something to a god, especially in the past, by killing an animal or person in a religious ceremony They made sacrifices to ensure a good harvest. b) [countable] an animal, person, or object offered to a god in sacrificesacrifice to In those days, an animal was offered as a sacrifice to God. a human sacrifice (=a person killed as a sacrifice)3 the final/supreme/ultimate sacrifice
Examples from the Corpus
sacrificeWhen the death is commemorated as a sacrifice, this is by way of interpretive metaphor.This section speaks of the incompleteness of tongues, prophecy, faith, and sacrifice without love as motivation.The sight of another person's suffering and sacrifice stopped me thinking so much about my own problems.At the opening ceremony for a new building recently, a man made an impassioned speech about the wrongs of animal sacrifice.In another, they are merely expendable sacrifices to national economic development.Parenthood often calls for sacrifice.They evolved a form of worship which required neither priest, Temple nor sacrifice.What Ullman wants is to play every character in her imagination, at great personal sacrifice.Puckett's sacrifice let Gladden score.Just as everyone was expecting a draw, however, Yusupov made a an unexpected sacrifice of a bishop.personal sacrificeProviding the safety and stability that children need can mean major financial and personal sacrifices.Brave personal sacrifices are juxtaposed with quirky moments.What Ullman wants is to play every character in her imagination, at great personal sacrifice.We could ask, for example: what sort of personal sacrifices might people have to make in order to reduce pollution?That some blacks are willing to make some significant personal sacrifices to pursue certain mutually shared goals.human sacrificeThe ceremony included a human sacrifice.Hale's eyes stare knowingly at the viewer, a human sacrifice to an alienated and consumerist culture.Believing gods were pacified by human blood, they killed thousands in human sacrifice.He was dressed as a wizard and the whole place was full of drawings of human sacrifices and magic designs.Some certainly saw her as a kind of human sacrifice, albeit a willing one.She may have originated with the notion of human sacrifice to ensure plentiful crops, for her actions were often bloodthirsty.Just as humans depend on plants to live, so the Gods depend on human sacrifices for a kind of sustenance.Later accounts held that the Druids made Stonehenge, where they supposedly practiced human sacrifice.There are also stories which point back clearly to a time when there was human sacrifice.