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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsinnersin‧ner /ˈsɪnə $ -ər/ noun [countable] especially biblical  RRBAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSsomeone who has sinned (sin) by not obeying God’s laws
Examples from the Corpus
sinnerAfter this, no one could call Zacchaeus a sinner again.The Church could not allow sinners to perish without seeing the evil of their ways.People who engage in vice are sinners, not criminals.Or, like any fallible human sinner, was he desperately constructing an armour of simplicity about his devious shiftings?Their office was to pursue and punish sinners.As a repentant sinner I pledge to swear off this hallucinogen.What we are is a nation of small-time sinners, which is not per se unusual nor even particularly bad.No longer need he envy his long-dead friend, Martin Fenlon, for having saved the soul of an unrepentant sinner.