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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspiritualismspir‧i‧tual‧is‧m /ˈspɪrətʃʊlɪzəm/ noun [uncountable]  RRthe belief that dead people are able to send messages to living peoplespiritualist noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
spiritualismPoor Ivy alone in the house with her and sudden strange conversations about spiritualism and the stars.This cooperation is not a new age spiritualism.They quarrelled and argued about everything: spiritualism, art, philosophy and poetry.Wisdom and leadership ... spiritualism, mediums.Thus network economics will breed a new spiritualism.Keep clear of introspection, of brooding, of spiritualism, of everything eccentric.There is a thread of spiritualism and mysticism.The Archbishop of Canterbury warned of the deliberate worship of evil through spiritualism and the occult.