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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtenetten‧et /ˈtenɪt/ noun [countable]  RRBELIEVEa principle or belief, especially one that is part of a larger system of beliefscentral/basic/fundamental etc tenet one of the basic tenets of democracytenet of the main tenet of his philosophy
Examples from the Corpus
tenetThis was a central tenet of the bureaucratic model.Priscillian seems, too, to have demanded adherence to at least certain tenets of Judaic law.No dissent from or criticism of Kim Il Sung, his tenets, or his decisions was permitted.In order to reveal these foundations we must therefore examine the main tenets of conservative and liberal political thought.Such tenets involved the papacy in action.But it reopened after a state judge ruled this month that the cooperative could do business under the tenets of Proposition 215.central/basic/fundamental etc tenetThis was a central tenet of the bureaucratic model.Another basic tenet of the free market is the free flow of labour.Trying to force people into unwanted roles violates the most basic tenet of Western culture.Thus the vast age of the Earth became the central tenet of geology.This particular view has become one of the central tenets of the present Conservative government's economic policy.One of the basic tenets of the campaign finance system is disclosure.In this respect Hirschi shared the long-standing positivist rejection of the central tenet of classicism: deterrence.They boiled down to three basic tenets.