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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtonsureton‧sure /ˈtɒnʃə $ ˈtɑːnʃər/ noun  [countable]RRHBH a small round area on the top of someone’s head where their hair has been removed because they are a priest or a monktonsured adjective his tonsured head
Examples from the Corpus
tonsureThe older boy, leaner and more muscular, has shorter hair and a small skull-cap which may conceal a tonsure.Perhaps the guy has a heat sensor where his tonsure should be.And if you want funny peculiar, simply gaze upon Thierry Boutsen's reverse-flip bird's-nest tonsure.Tuda wore a Petrine tonsure and observed the Roman Easter.He had others in his grizzled russet tonsure, dropped from the higher branches as the wind stirred them.He was balding fast, with a monk's tonsure.