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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunholyun‧ho‧ly /ʌnˈhəʊli $ -ˈhoʊ-/ adjective [no comparative]  1 an unholy alliance2 [only before noun] informalANNOY bad and extreme An unholy row broke out between two of the men drinking in the bar. an unholy mess3 RRADMIRE#not holy, or not respecting what is holy4 unholy amusement/delight/pleasure
Examples from the Corpus
unholySmith particularly feared unholy alliances between business and government.Eating flesh was unholy, and blood would stain an altar; only meal and grain were acceptable for food and sacrifice.But the edges of her symbol were darkened by the unholy fires of self-doubt.What are you making such an unholy fuss about?Meanwhile over the top sings Mel, clearer and truer than before, apparently blissfully unaware of the unholy mayhem beneath her.We were the most unholy trinity on the face of the earth, or else the most holy.The unholy triumvirate of developer, planner and architect had maimed it for ever in the sixties and seventies.unholy messAs far as he was concerned she was up to her gorgeous neck in this unholy mess.From the unholy mess that was the latter-day Smiths, to a period of hope and promise.