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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvoodoovoo‧doo /ˈvuːduː/ noun [uncountable]  ROMRRmagical beliefs and practices used as a form of religion, especially by people in Haiti
Examples from the Corpus
voodooJonnie said he was going to a voodoo ceremony that night.a voodoo priestHe taught me about voodoo, about the spirit of the rain and the spirit of the wind.On the whole, lawyers look at marketing as voodoo.Chucha started to unravel her bundle, and we all guessed she was about to do a little farewell voodoo on us.It may work, or it might be just another item from the guitar voodoo handbook.Like voodoo, or sympathetic medicine.It's no longer voodoo and mumbo-jumbo to us.It was something in the air, she decided, some voodoo spell maybe.