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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishworshipwor‧ship1 /ˈwɜːʃɪp $ ˈwɜːr-/ ●●○ verb (past tense and past participle worshipped, present participle worshipping also worshiped, worshiping American English)  1 [intransitive, transitive]RRPRAY to show respect and love for a god, especially by praying in a religious building They all worship the same god. a church where people have worshipped for hundreds of years2 [transitive]ADMIRELOVE to admire and love someone very much He absolutely worships her.3 worship the ground somebody walks onworshipper noun [countable] She was a regular worshipper at the parish church. hero worship→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
worshipShe absolutely worships Elvis Presley.Stella worships her too-good-to-be-true son, and Winston appears to have no flaws.His crews worshipped him and he responded by showing a genuine concern for their welfare.She worshipped him for worshipping Marx, or appeared to.He worshipped his elder brother.Kevin practically worships his older brother.the people worshipping in the mosqueThe Ancient Egyptians worshipped many gods.We are very fortunate to have the privilege of worshipping Sunday by Sunday in a full church.In Susie's eyes he can do no wrong - she worships the ground he walks on.Garvey worshipped the ground his wife walked on.Very ordinary ladies, but worshipped their brother as if he was the Messiah.The whole family worshipped together at the chapel.