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worshipworship2 ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 RRPRAYthe activity of praying or singing in a religious building in order to show respect and love for a godin worship They bowed their heads in worship.worship of Worship of the old gods still continues in remote areas of the country. The ceremony must take place in a recognized place of worship. We were invited to join in their act of worship (=religious ceremony).2 Your/His Worship
Examples from the Corpus
worshipPre-Columbian ancestor worship finds expression in prayers to the saints.Christians, Muslims and Jews came together for an act of communal worship.The villagers gather for worship in the little church every Sunday.I shall say only that when we returned for worship next day the whole building was pristine.Should not worship set forth the gospel and proclaim the faith of the Church?The Civil War almost devastated these little Baptist houses of worship.There was always a diversity of practice - as there still is - in religious attitudes, customs and modes of worship.This church has been a place of worship for a thousand years.They had control of the Temple worship, sacrifices and finances.Helping the poor is a form of true worship to God.place of worshipCheerful, too, as a place of worship ought to be.For Vitale and his wife, the new location means having a place of worship close to home.It is opposed by religious people who believe that one can and should pray at home or in a place of worship.Another place of worship is the Methodist chapel situated on East Street.The caves could be interpreted as places of worship.It is the oldest place of worship in Madeira and has recently been converted into a small museum.For them their bodies were their temples and the trees and fields were their places of worship.