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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbarricadebar‧ri‧cade1 /ˈbærəkeɪd, ˌbærəˈkeɪd/ ●○○ noun [countable]  TTRPREVENTa temporary wall or fence across a road, door etc that prevents people from going through The fans were kept back behind barricades.
Examples from the Corpus
barricadeThe police courteously directed patrons around the crowd-control barricades.Ironically, during the civil war, they served as the building blocks for barricades.Police barricades were set up at the front entrance, and police cars occasionally circled the building.In spirit, then, I will take my place at the barricades beside Mr Wei.Finally a single Land-Rover ground over the ridge and stopped at the barricade.Images of desperate freedom-fighters handing the packet round behind the barricade.Discussions took place in the street behind the barricades, and in private houses, about future tactics.Soldiers fired over the barricades at the rioters.This loss is not renewed overnight, even though the barricades are now down.