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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishblacktopblack‧top /ˈblæktɒp $ -tɑːp/ noun American English  1 [uncountable]TTR a thick black sticky substance that becomes hard as it dries, used to cover roads syn tarmac British English2 the blacktop
Examples from the Corpus
blacktopWe were now on the glossy blacktop that led towards the army laundry, Rosa's old creche.Iowa may not have sandy beaches, but it does have blacktop.It is a two-lane blacktop highway, with a little variety store at every crossroad.The road was mostly two-lane blacktop, but there were sections of divided highway, too.The moment the provincial boundary was crossed the washboard highway flattened into smooth, perfectly maintained blacktop.The road twisted, two lanes of blacktop angling back and forth up the side of the mountain.Museums are popping up like grease spots on the blacktop.I tasted the blacktop in my mouth.