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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbypassby‧pass1 /ˈbaɪpɑːs $ -pæs/ noun [countable]  1 (heart) bypass operation/surgery2 TTRa road that goes around a town or other busy area rather than through itring road3 T technical a tube that allows gas or liquid to flow around something rather than through it
Examples from the Corpus
bypassBy 1904, however, the artificial channel had already silted up, and a bypass had to be cut.Another bypass was cut; it too silted up.I am grateful for his congratulations to the Government on the completion of the Chelmsford bypass.The defeated bypass proposal was unveiled by parish councillor Edward Lucas.The normal gastric mucosa can prevent bypass diffusion of potentially noxious substances from the gastric lumen.The railway station has been re-sited down the line to make room for the town's bypass.The first is following the opening of the bypass, but prior to the improvement of Woolmer Road.People with kidney failure are increasingly undergoing bypass and vessel-opening procedures.