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bypassbypass2 verb [transitive]  1 TTRto go around a town or other busy place rather than through it Interstate 8 bypasses the town to the north.2 AVOIDto avoid obeying a rule, system, or someone in an official position Francis bypassed his manager and wrote straight to the director.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bypassInstitutions that obstruct the popular will or stand between it and the actions of government get bypassed.Noteworthy also during this period was the growing number of inter-republic contacts, treaties and agreements bypassing central control.Or bypass him and go directly to each home site and sign up there.The card allows you to bypass long lines at the bank.To bypass ministerial demarcation lines, several territorial production complexes have been set up.More often than not, however, Blue will bypass the bar and go to the movie theater several blocks away.This highway bypasses the downtown area.An increasing amount of share trading, particularly in international shares, was bypassing the floor of the Stock Exchange.The builder, a developer from New Jersey, flew in his own construction crew, bypassing the local carpenters.There should be no way of bypassing the security measures on the computer.Mark Souder and John Hostettler, also of Indiana, did not, and the speaker will now bypass their fund-raisers.