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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrosswalkcross‧walk /ˈkrɒswɔːk $ ˈkrɒːswɒːk/ ●●○ noun [countable]  TTR American English a specially marked place for people to walk across a street syn pedestrian crossing British English
Examples from the Corpus
crosswalkThe other day, I almost ran down an old man in a crosswalk.If a child is killed crossing a dangerous street, a stop sign and crosswalk are put in place.They put the device on 200 pennants suspended from utility poles, and paint it directly on crosswalks in the downtown area.The X-shaped crosswalk painted in the middle of the central intersection is the city's heart.Rally organizers with colored arm-bands link hands, forming a human chain at the crosswalks.At First Avenue the crosswalk is blocked by a Con Ed van and an open manhole cover encircled by yellow rubber cones.Often, cars turning on to California or Pine would block the crosswalk, forcing pedestrians to weave between cars.Others, like Pearl Robbins, in her 70s, skipped their turn to cross until the crosswalk was clear of cars.