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curbcurb2 noun [countable]  1 CONTROLan influence which helps to control or limit somethingcurb on We are trying to keep a curb on their activities.2 American EnglishTTR the raised edge of a road, between where people can walk and cars can drive syn kerb British Englishpavement, sidewalk
Examples from the Corpus
curbShe was free of the shaming curbs of expedient morality.The home-help walked down the road towards Marie, wheeling her bike which had been propped up against the curb.Most are expected to show up at the airport Monday, depositing their cargoes at the curb.A car was parked at the curb.Stepping off the curb was all but impossible without hip-waders.Whether the curbs on police investigation will reduce police influence on the outcome of the criminal process is not easy to determine.curb onRight-wing politicians have called for a tight curb on immigration.