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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdead endˌdead ˈend noun [countable]  1 TTRa street with no way out at one end2 PROGRESS#a situation where no more progress is possiblecome to/reach a dead end The negotiations have reached a dead end.3 dead-end job
Examples from the Corpus
dead endHe realized that the job at which he had been aiming all these years seemed to him to be a dead end.Like the precise astronomical observations of the Maya, these technical achievements proved to be a dead end.Working at the warehouse seemed like a dead end.It's a dead end isn't it.This was a dead end for me.He thinks they have reached an evolutionary dead end.It felt like some sort of dead end.come to/reach a dead endShe'd come to a dead end.A few hundred yards beyond them, the path came to a dead end.But this too came to a dead end.The trail came to a dead end.