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expressexpress2 ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  1 EMPHASIZEdeliberate and for a specific situation The school was founded with the express purpose of teaching deaf children.2 clear and definiteexpress agreement/consent/authority etc He is not to leave without my express permission. Matthew left express instructions to keep all doors locked.3 express train/coach/bus4 express post/mail5 American English designed to help you move through a place more quickly express lanes on the freeway an express line at a supermarket (=where people with only a few things to buy go to pay)
Examples from the Corpus
expressConsent may be express but is usually implied.A prudent employer will always have an express contractual term protecting business secrets.If the employer requires protection he should have the foresight to include an express covenant in the employment contract.an express packageThe answer is not to be found in the express provisions of article 7.But the £1.7 million winger has made an express recovery from a hernia operation and could return at the City Ground.Therefore, if an employer feels that such protection is necessary he must include express restrictions in the contract of employment.It was her express wish that you inherit her house.express purposeHe had continually kept the people stirred up over the prospect of reconquest and had demanded loans for that express purpose.Company with the express purpose of creating a new retail chain.Palatial observatories were founded at Paris, London, and Berlin for the express purpose of determining longitude by the heavens.These bunkers were constructed in 1966 for the express purpose of preventing Nicklaus from taking this route.The Hawaiian tongue was given a written form for the express purpose of translating the Bible.express agreement/consent/authority etcSuppose for instance we hypothesise that cooperative conversationalists would ask others for their opinion very frequently and regularly express agreement.This resembles an agency agreement with restraints imposed upon the agent's express authority.Dobson therefore postulates a distinction between express authority and mere consent.At one time it was thought that the section only applied to express agreements and not to an implied agreement.There was express authority, indeed instruction, to collect the goods.However, if an express agreement is required, how it is to be given must be determined.Section 20 will come into operation in the absence of express agreement or other clear evidence of the intention of the partners.This is an express authority to guide our judgment in this case.