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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishexpresswayex‧press‧way /ɪkˈspresweɪ/ noun [countable] American English  TTRa wide road in a city on which cars can travel very quickly without stopping freeway, motorway
Examples from the Corpus
expresswayAt Jihlava, we picked up the D-1 expressway, which took us effortlessly into Prague.Motorists see them on turnpikes and expressways.A motor-cycle cop with his siren on went roaring along the elevated expressway that was level with the surgery window.Denver officials honored their former mayor by naming a 12-mile expressway to the new airport Pena Boulevard.It has since set back the timetable for the expressway, proposed for just south of Miramar Road.They took the expressway to the airport.He seemed to be underneath the expressway.The expressway flies over quiet suburban streets with old-fashioned lamps coming on among the elms.