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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinterchangein‧ter‧change1 /ˈɪntətʃeɪndʒ $ -ər-/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]EXCHANGE an exchange, especially of ideas or thoughtsinterchange of the interchange of ideas between students and staff2 [countable]TTR a point where two or more motorways or main roads meet
Examples from the Corpus
interchangeThere are four extra stations, including an interchange with Line 5 at Chonho.Whether primary, secondary or adult education, the teaching situation is a human transaction, an interchange between persons.The militia is really a direct-mail marketing operation for conspiracy theory videos and a busy interchange on the information superhighway.The new program should help solve some of the problems of data interchange between companies with different computer systems.At this fundamental level of resource there can not be any easy interchange without changing an old or creating a new religion.a friendly interchange of greetingsHe wants to see grade-separated interchanges, and not freeways, become a major part of the congestion solution.That interchange is extremely healthy because of the experience of management and politics which work in local government gives the ambitious solicitor.The conference provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and information.By social interaction, Piaget meant the interchange of ideas among people.Quite often a series of progressively unpleasant interchanges will take place with the child becoming more obstinate and the parent more angry.