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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmilestonemile‧stone /ˈmaɪlstəʊn $ -stoʊn/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 PROGRESSa very important event in the development of something syn milepost American Englishmilestone in an important milestone in South African history The treatment of diabetes reached a significant milestone in the 1970s.2 TTRa stone next to a road that shows the distance in miles to the next town
Examples from the Corpus
milestoneI felt as if I was at a milestone now, on the threshold of something.The album 'Kind Of Blue' proved to be a milestone in the development of modern jazz.We believe that what we have agreed today will be a milestone on the road to true peace and prosperity in our country.He looked for a milestone, but none was in sight.For most people, the birth of their first child is a milestone in their lives.The expedition marked a milestone in the history of exploration.It fits uncomfortably into Braque's oeuvre but it is nevertheless a milestone in the history of Cubism.This year has seen another milestone in the life of the Society, in that our assets passed the £3 billion mark.Dole passed his first milestone with success.His decision to accept the university's offer was an important milestone in his career.Graduation and marriage are important milestones in people's lives.So reaching profitability, even if it came with an asterisk, was a major milestone.reached ... milestoneThe plastics division reached a milestone this year.At home, Johnson would have reached the milestone by halftime.