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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpathpath /pɑːθ $ pæθ/ ●●● S2 W2 noun (plural paths /pɑːðz $ pæðz/) [countable]  1 trackTTRROAD/PATH a track that has been made deliberately or made by many people walking over the same ground I walked nervously up the garden path towards the front door. a well-worn path across the grass Follow the path along the river to the bridge. a path leading to the summer house2 way through somethingWAY/ROUTE the space ahead of you as you move alongpath through Police cleared a path through the protesters. Damian blocked their path.3 directionWAY/ROUTE the direction or line along which something or someone is movingin something’s/somebody’s path The tornado destroyed everything in its path.into the path of something She walked into the path of an oncoming vehicle.4 planWAY/METHOD a plan or series of actions that will help you achieve something, especially over a long period of time a career pathpath to freedom/success/independence etc She saw a college degree as her path to success.the same/a different path I hope you will choose a different path.5 somebody’s paths cross beat a path (to somebody’s door) at beat1(16), → off the beaten path at beaten(1), → flight path, → lead somebody up the garden path at lead1(12), → stand in somebody’s path at stand1(30)COLLOCATIONSverbsfollow a pathWe followed a path through the trees.take a path (=start going along it)Take the wide path to the right.keep to the pathThey kept carefully to the paths and did not go across the farmer's fields.a path leads somewhereThere are many paths leading to the top of the mountain.a path windsA narrow path wound down towards the beach.a path climbs (=goes upwards)I could see the line of a path that climbed up from the bay.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + pathnarrowWe walked along a narrow path beside a stream.steepA steep path led down to the harbour.muddyThey trudged up the muddy path.rockyOur guide trod carefully down the rocky path. windingHe climbed the winding path up the hill.well-worn (=used a lot or for a long time)I followed what seemed to be a well-worn path heading in the right direction.a garden pathEmma came running up the garden path.a coast/coastal/cliff pathFrom the cliff path, you get superb views out to sea.a cycle path (=for people riding bicycles)They should put a cycle path along the edge of each new road they build.a bridle path (=for people riding horses)He knows all the bridle paths through the woods.
Examples from the Corpus
pathHe lead me down a path to a farmhouse.Students had worn a path across the courtyard.a path through the woodsThere are many alternative paths available to follow and many of these paths will turn out to be dead ends.Mrs Smith was singing as she came up the garden path.Her path failed to cross with Vitor's, yet throughout the afternoon Ashley remained constantly aware of him.But historic paths make a difference.The tornado destroyed everything in its path.A narrow path took us down to the river.the Earth's path around the sunHe turned slightly left, following the same path out as the last two times.Suddenly from above us a twenty-foot-long heavy log burst into view, careening down the path like a bobsled.And so, as she started down the path, she was alone.Louise walked ahead of him up the path carrying the pie in a wicker basket.She led him stealthily up the path Rodomonte had taken to the summit.Workers at the plant found their path was blocked by protesters.garden pathLaying bricks or paviors on a bed of sand is probably the easiest way of making a garden path.The concrete garden path has been bricked over and vines adorn the white-painted exterior.And so they merely shook hands, and she walked off down the garden path to her door.That is the garden path down which Bill and Ricky will come.Then one of them led him up the garden path to a shed.But the storyteller has been using all his art to lead us up the garden path.Elaine walked up the garden path and he followed her.Up the garden path and a frisson of unease: there is no house, but a vista of a majestic lake.in something’s/somebody’s pathWe shall meet several Aristotelians in our path.A bend in the path brought him to a stile at the entrance to Lulling Woods.Story: Rival scientists battle to place scientific equipment in the path of a raging tornado.The wave had had its ropes cut and was erupting in an avalanche of fury that would bury everything in its path.The storm cut power, felled trees and wrecked homes in its path.People, he thought, could move in different paths yet harmonize and help each other, but not intentionally.Gradually and consciously the continent has moved in the path of export-orientation at the expense of production for local consumption.After a sharp turn in the path, they are suddenly approaching a faint square of light.path to freedom/success/independence etcThere seemed to be no clear path to success, and there was no political consensus about what to do.They deconstructed our clear path to freedom by turning us on ourselves.But our eyes, as though reversed, encircle it on every side, like traps set round its unobstructed path to freedom.