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pedestrianpedestrian2 adjective  1 ORDINARYordinary and uninteresting and without any imagination a painting that is pedestrian and unimaginative a rather pedestrian student2 TTR[only before noun] relating to pedestrians or used by pedestrians pedestrian traffic a pedestrian walkway
Examples from the Corpus
pedestrianBut Dreyfuss finds ways around the triteness of the screenplay and the pedestrian direction.The adumbration of pedestrian figures by a kind of blurred notation seems to be entirely new in art.It will become a pedestrian mall during the games, wooing visitors with the now-ubiquitous coffee franchises and sushi bars.He admired the sycamores, rising like important ideas from pedestrian plots of short grass.On the main wall was a rather pedestrian portrait of his wife.The other, Portland, has five employees in its pedestrian program.Where pedestrian volumes were heavy, walkers should have special pedestrian routes.He is a very pedestrian writer and Ovid is far from that.