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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishruttedrut‧ted /ˈrʌtɪd/ adjective  TTRLINEa surface that is rutted has deep narrow tracks in it left by the wheels of vehiclesuneven
Examples from the Corpus
ruttedAfter the snow melted, the roads were rutted and muddy.The Chaika pulled into a rutted cart-track and stopped.They were now walking along a narrow lane that was no more than a rutted cart-track.This family lived between two farms up a narrow, deeply rutted country lane.The road is rutted mud, with potholes like emptied boils.Jack went down a rutted, muddy track to a low stone-built wall behind which was a ploughed field.Then we were crossing a rutted rock pavement, a trig point incongruously ahead.Then the light had crept forward, down the rutted track that led to nowhere but their house.In the distance, Ybreska saw a vehicle approaching, throwing up huge dust-clouds as it bumped along the rutted track.