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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishservice stationˈservice ˌstation noun [countable]  TTRa place at the side of the road where you can stop to buy petrol, food, and other goods syn gas station American English
Examples from the Corpus
service stationJohnson was reading a local newspaper he had bought at the Frankenwald service station when his phone trilled discreetly.Two hours later and ravenous, we settled for egg and chips at a motorway service station.Well, if you stop to fill up at a motorway service station your dreams could come true.Read in studio Police have opened a motorway service station to encourage drivers to take a break.To help pay the bills, I worked every night until eleven at a Sinclair service station on Main Street.That's why Thames Valley Police have set up a temporary service station near junction 10.The service station is dead, long live the service station.