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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsignpostsign‧post1 /ˈsaɪnpəʊst $ -poʊst/ noun [countable]  1 TTR especially British English a sign at the side of a road showing directions and distances syn sign American English I’m sure that signpost is pointing the wrong way. Just follow the signposts to the city centre.2 something that helps you understand how something is organized, where to go, or what will follow – used especially in news reports As yet, there are few signposts pointing to success.
Examples from the Corpus
signpostMalcolm's car hit a signpost before crashing into a tree.Each of these weeks has its own theme, rather like a signpost leading to the next part of the route.But Finch smiles easily as she banks the plane and finds a steeple that has become her aerial signpost.Clear signposts at the beginning of each section will help the audience follow your ideas.The book highlights the lack of good signposts to help guide grieving individuals.Then, the better we get to know some one, the more these symbolic signposts recede in importance.Heading straight for the signpost, he caught himself, then took a cautious step on to the curb.This raises doubts about some of the signposts the Fed used to rely on.I saw the signpost pointing along the road like a warning finger.He fished single maggot on the bomb opposite the Ouse-Ure signpost.signposts pointingSymptoms were regarded as mere signposts pointing at the real target.