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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstreetstreet1 /striːt/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 TTRROAD/PATHa public road in a city or town that has houses, shops etc on one or both sides πŸ”Š We moved to Center Street when I was young. πŸ”Š She lives just a few streets away. πŸ”Š I walked on further down the street. πŸ”Š Someone just moved in across the street. πŸ”Š a car parked on the other side of the street2 β†’ the streets3 β†’ the man/woman in the street4 β†’ (right) up your street5 β†’ streets ahead (of somebody/something) β†’ backstreet1, β†’ be (living) on easy street at easy1(13), β†’ one-way street at one-way(1), high street, two-way street, β†’ walk the streets at walk1(8)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesbusy (=with a lot of traffic or people)The house faces onto a busy street.crowded (=with a lot of people)The streets get very crowded at weekends.quiet (=with very few people)It was late and the streets were quiet.empty/deserted (=with no people)As he walked home, the street was deserted.narrowan old city with quaint narrow streetsthe main street (=the biggest street in a town or village)They drove slowly along the main street.the high street British English (=the main street with shops)I bought this coat at a shop on the high street.a shopping street British English (=with a lot of shops)This is one of Europe’s most elegant shopping streets.a residential street (=with houses, not shops)a quiet residential streeta one-way street (=in which you can only drive in one direction)He was caught driving the wrong way down a one-way street.a side/back street (=a small quiet street near the main street)The restaurant is tucked away in a side street.winding streets (=streets that turn in many directions)We spent hours exploring the town’s winding streets.cobbled streets (=with a surface made from round stones)The cobbled streets were closed to cars.verbscross the street (=walk to the other side)She crossed the street and walked into the bank.street + NOUNa street corner (=a place where streets meet)Youths were standing around on street corners.a street light/lampIt was getting dark, and the street lamps were already on.street crime/violence (=when people are attacked in the street)Young men are most likely to be victims of street crime.street clothes (=ordinary clothes, not a special uniform or costume)She changed into her street clothes and left the theatre.
Examples from the Corpus
streetβ€’ They live on Clay Street.β€’ York, among many towns which have pedestrianised their centres, has paved many of its streets without adverse effect.β€’ Our street was just a row of brick terraced houses.β€’ She had lived in the same street in London all her life.β€’ Across the street, on the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields church, there was movement.β€’ I imagine him marching-no, swanning-around the streets of his beloved Manchester as he talks to me.β€’ Claudia, standing by the window, looking down at the street, knew the moment he stepped over the threshold.β€’ Victoria can't walk down the street without someone recognizing her.β€’ He heaved his bulk round, but saw only the tightly wedged backs of the mob out in the street.β€’ He pointed to the side of the street.β€’ There were stores on both sides of the street.β€’ We need more police on the streets.β€’ He's out there running the streets of Annapolis, just before dawn.β€’ Pablo loved wandering through the streets of Barcelona.β€’ I went straight back to the street corner where I'd lost him and started the slow cruise.β€’ Wall Street is a famous financial center in New York.down the streetβ€’ I had Carradine walled up and down the street several times, acting suspiciously.β€’ Its headlights suddenly light up the pavement farther down the street he is walking on.β€’ Though rationing was in effect, Tish managed to get a huge steak from an admiring grocer down the street.β€’ A car or two, the wrong ones, took off down the street in the direction of the town.β€’ There was the jade-green cockatoo on his orange perch, gazing pensively down the street.β€’ When I finished up at Mrs James's, I ran down the street and watched the sky.β€’ I walk down the streets of New York, the Village, and they stop and they talk, they want autographs.β€’ C., can you walk down the street and bump into a row of newspaper boxes half a block long?