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turnturn2 ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 chance to do something [countable]CHANCE/OPPORTUNITYSHARE the time when it is your chance, duty, or right to do something that each person in a group is doing one after the other syn go British Englishturn to do something Whose turn is it to set the table? It’s your turn. Roll the dice. I think it’s our turn to drive the kids to school this week.RegisterIn everyday English, people often say that it is someone’s go in a game rather than turn:Whose go is it now?Wait until it’s your go.2 take turns3 in turn4 road [countable]TTR a) American English a place where one road goes in a different direction from the one you are on syn turning British English According to the map we missed our turn back there.take the first/a wrong etc turn (=go along the first etc road) I think we took a wrong turn coming out of town. Take the second turn on the left. b) a curve in a road, path etc There’s a sharp turn coming up ahead.5 change direction [countable]TURN a change in the direction you are movingmake a left/right turn Make a left turn at the station.6 change in events [countable] a sudden or unexpected change that makes a situation develop in a different waytake a dramatic/fresh/different etc turn From then on, our fortunes took a downward turn. My career had already taken a new turn. The president was stunned by the sudden turn of events.take a turn for the worse/better Two days after the operation, Dad took a turn for the worse.7 the turn of the century/year8 at every turn9 act of turning something [countable]TURN the act of turning something completely around a fixed point I gave the screw another two or three turns.10 by turns11 turn of phrase12 speak/talk out of turn13 do somebody a good/bad turn14 one good turn deserves another15 turn of mind16 on the turn17 turn of speed18 be done to a turn19 take a turn in/on etc something20 give somebody a turn21 have a turn
Examples from the Corpus
turnLoosen the screw one complete turn in order to release the valve.She can do a 360-degree turn on water skis.Take the first turn on your right.Take the first turning after the traffic lights.The impartial flames in turn drove them back.The OEMs in turn pass some of those reductions on to their customers to increase market share.This in turn gave the schools the heavy assignment of universal literacy.In turn, however, the question of where population is growing - or declining - is fundamentally related to human welfare.When it was my turn, I always used to think my time went quicker than when Frank was carrying it.My turn to die had come and I had been inexplicably reprieved.With three swift turns of the wheel, he steered the boat away from the rocks.We were supposed to take Highway 12, but I think we missed the turn.Tighten the screw another two or three turns.turn to do somethingNext in its review of the pressures for change, Chapter 3 turns to the growth of the functions of trade unions.It would be my turn to get the good stuff.Now it was my turn to be silent, and to look about the room.And today it was my turn to make a contribution.To order, turn to page 148 Lounge around in style in this fabulous tunic top with matching leggings.To order, turn to the coupon on page 163.For details of our pre-bookable excursions, please turn to page 8.As she turned to go, Carly saw the package in the corner.Except for taking turns to go to the bar and the gents, they never moved at all.sharp turnAfter a sharp turn in the path, they are suddenly approaching a faint square of light.We came to a sharp turn in the road.A sharp turn to the south east took us past St Ives, and up a massive sand-filled estuary towards Hayle.However her outspoken opinions mask an iron determination matched by a formidable charm and sharp turn of phrase.Another sharp turn sent them soaring out of a tunnel mouth in the side of a vast cavern.His feet and hands kept striking stone corners, sharp turns, and massive columns difficult to circumvent.Their wings do not normally come into contact, but even so there are problems when the dragonfly executes sharp turns.The road made a last sharp turn and ran straight west along the shoreline into Angle Inlet.Ro and Brent do the carrying, negotiating sharp turns in the stairwell.make a left/right turnMake a left turn at the light.take a dramatic/fresh/different etc turnBut now it looked as if her job might have taken a different turn.And everything would have taken a different turn.Here, self-exclusion from the feast of life takes a fresh turn.Soon, however, events were to take a different turn.El Cid's future seemed anything but happy, yet events were to take a dramatic turn in the months ahead.