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Language: Old English
Origin: scol, from Latin schola, from Greek schole 'discussion, school'


1 noun
school1 S1 W1

where children learn

[uncountable and countable] a place where children are taughtCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
go to school attend school formal (=go to school) a new school (=a school that you are going to for the first time) somebody's old school (=the school someone used to go to) school children/pupils/teacher school uniform school playground/library/bus etc school meal/dinner British English school holiday(s) British English
His mother always used to pick him up from school.
Which school do you go to (=attend)?
Starting a new school can be quite frightening.
I went back to my old school in West Ham recently to talk to the children there.
a play put on by the local school children
the first day of the school holidays

time at school

a) a day's work at school:
School begins at 8.30.
before/after school
I'll see you after school.
b) the time during your life when you go to school:
He's one of my old friends from school.
Children start school between the ages of four and five.
He left school at 16 and went to work as a bank clerk.


a) [uncountable and countable] American EnglishSEC a college or university, or the time when you study there:
Their kids are away at school now.
She was going to school in Boston.
b) [countable]SEC a department or group of departments that teaches a particular subject at a university
school of
the Harvard School of Public Health
law/medical/business/graduate school
After two years of medical school, I thought I knew everything.

one subject

[countable]SE a place where a particular subject or skill is taught:
a language school in Brighton
school of
Amwell School of Motoring

at school

a) in the school building:
I can get some work done while the kids are at school.
b) British English attending a school, rather than being at college or university or having a job:
We've got two children at school, and one at university.

in school

a) in the school building:
Sandra's not in school today.
b) American English attending a school or university rather than having a job:
Are your boys still in school?


[countable] a number of people who are considered as a group because of their similar style of work:
the Impressionist school

school of thought

an opinion or way of thinking about something that is shared by a group of people:
There are two main schools of thought on the subject.

of/from the old school

with old-fashioned values or qualities:
a family doctor of the old school


[countable]HBFHBA a large group of fish, whales, dolphins etc that are swimming together
school of
a school of whales