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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbursarbur‧sar /ˈbɜːsə $ ˈbɜːrsər/ noun [countable]  SECSESsomeone at a school or college who deals with the accounts and office work
Examples from the Corpus
bursarHe was appointed bursar in the same year and vice-principal in 1920.By this time, the College appreciated me rather more and there was a different bursar.Her intelligence and holiness so impressed the sisters that they elected her bursar at the age of fourteen.In their absence Pete will be looked after by the Bible College's bursar and husband in Malton.As a great concession, the bursar offered us a room in a hostel for graduate students.I could see him wondering whether to warn the bursar he might be one or two fees short next term.The taxpayers were the bursar and nine assistant masters at Malvern College.