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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcanecane1 /keɪn/ ●○○ noun  1 cane.jpg [uncountable]TI thin pieces of the stems of plants, used for making furniture and baskets a cane chair cane furniture2 [countable]DLG a long thin stick made from the stem of a plant, used for supporting other plants in a garden3 [countable]D a long thin stick with a curved handle that you can use to help you walk4 [countable]SES a stick that was used in the past by teachers to hit children with as a punishment Children knew that if they misbehaved they would get the cane.
Examples from the Corpus
caneAnselm: it was his arms, in a cane roller.He was walking slowly with a cane.a cane and wicker rockerThe old lady took her cane and began banging on the door in the partition in back of her.He tapped one of his canes with impatience.Don't leave unvarnished wicker or cane outside.raspberry canesI think Policemen should carry small canes, which I think would probably be very effective.Use a small split cane the width of the seed tray to make a series of depressions in the levelled compost.Rosa was sitting in a white cane chair by the window, nursing a baby in her arms.get the caneNot true: if you got the cane, generally it was well deserved.