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corporal punishment in School topic

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorporal punishmentˌcorporal ˈpunishment noun [uncountable]  SESHITpunishment that involves hitting someone, especially in schools and prisonscapital punishment Corporal punishment was abolished in Britain in 1986.
Examples from the Corpus
corporal punishmentIt was agreed that capital and corporal punishment should not be volunteered for the list of topics to be projected.For campaigners for the abolition of corporal punishment this will have been a setback.Cases of corporal punishment shall be reported by each teacher on the dates of their occurrence in writing.Lewis, in three-piece suit and striped shirt, supported the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools.In the 1890s magistrates were given the power to order corporal punishment as punishment for specific offences.In 1987, California prohibited corporal punishment in schools.Moderate Assembly Republicans broke ranks with conservative members to defeat a GOP-sponsored bill that would have returned corporal punishment to the classroom.Beccaria was not, on the other hand, opposed to corporal punishment.