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graduategrad‧u‧ate2 /ˈɡrædʒueɪt/ ●●● S2 W2 verb  1 [intransitive]SEC to obtain a degree, especially a first degree, from a college or universitygraduate from Kate graduated from medical school last year.graduate in He graduated in physics from Cambridge University.2 [intransitive] American EnglishSES to complete your education at high schoolgraduate from Jerry graduated from high school last year.3 graduate (from something) to something4 [transitive] especially American EnglishSET to give a degree or diploma to someone who has completed a course→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
graduateWhat are you going to do after you graduate?Instead, students who arrive on campus with some community college credits under their belt can graduate early.The goals include upgrading teachers' performance and boosting to 90 percent the number of students who graduate from high school.Mitch graduated from Stanford in 1998 with a degree in biochemistry.We both graduated from the same high school in Queens.When I graduate I want to study law at the Northeastern university.She graduated in modern languages and now works as an interpreter.We expect to graduate nearly 300 students this year.And once Bunny graduated, so it did.He was really pleased when he graduated to the bigger ones.graduate fromRuth graduated from Princeton.