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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrant-maintainedˌgrant-mainˈtained adjective  SESa grant-maintained school in Britain receives its money directly from the central government rather than from the local government
Examples from the Corpus
grant-maintainedOn 1 January 1990 a further two schools, both comprehensive, became grant-maintained.My hon. Friend is right because many grant-maintained schools already have a high degree of support.Today, the Department approved grant-maintained status for five schools in wealthy, middle-class and less wealthy areas in that borough.What percentage of schools in Hampshire will have to achieve grant-maintained status for the local education authority to become redundant?Calday Grange Grammar School also faced a second ballot over opting out after it applied for grant-maintained status last year.I congratulate those schools on obtaining grant-maintained status.Mr. Eggar Eight schools in Hillingdon have now been approved for grant-maintained status.Probably the most important of our education reforms concerns grant-maintained status.