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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheadmistresshead‧mis‧tress /ˌhedˈmɪstrɪs $ ˈhedˌmɪs-/ noun [countable] British English  SESa female teacher who is in charge of a school syn head teacher, principal American English
Examples from the Corpus
headmistressShe clasped her hands in a prayerful attitude, the gesture of a headmistress or a nun dismissing a mischief-maker.But headmistress Helen Williams won't be reaching for the champagne glasses or festive bunting.The letter from the headmistress and governors of the primary school shocked Scarlet.She herself hardly knew the headmistress, but Margarett, in time, came to know her very well.If you accept her at Lowood school, please make sure that the headmistress and teachers know how dishonest she is.Yet the headmistress believes it's a poor way to judge quality.The managers carefully channelled resentment towards the county council, who, they suggested, were in league with their headmistress.