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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhousemasterhouse‧mas‧ter /ˈhaʊsˌmɑːstə $ -ˌmæstər/ noun [countable]  especially British EnglishSES a male teacher who is in charge of one of the houses (=groups of children of different ages) in a schoolhousemistress
Examples from the Corpus
housemasterI accepted this as natural; it never occurred to me at the time that a housemaster could also be a friend.Another housemaster in describing what he would ideally like to do also set it in the context of his sense of powerlessness.His housemaster Lionel Weston is an former Englad scrum-half.His housemaster wrote to Lord Baldwin asking for help, which led to an extra £150 perannum towards Georg's keep.My housemaster was A. M. McNeile.Hubert, who was the boy's housemaster, summoned a mechanic and invited Barbara to lunch.Except for the head of the house, who was chosen by the housemaster, the Library elected its own members.The fight was broken up by the housemaster, whose ears had been open in anticipation for some days.