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juniorjunior2 ●○○ noun  1 be two/five/ten etc years somebody’s junior2 [countable] a young person who takes part in sport for people below a particular age The juniors use the courts on Tuesday night.3 [countable] especially British EnglishLOW POSITION OR RANK someone who has a low rank in an organization or profession an office junior4 [countable] British EnglishSES a child who goes to a junior school5 [countable] American EnglishSES a student in the year before the final year of high school or college freshman, senior2(1), sophomore6 Junior
Examples from the Corpus
juniorJoann was a junior and had a beautiful singing voice.a junior at NYUDonna spent spring semester of her junior year in Paris.He was replaced by a young graduate, 10 years his junior.More than 30 players, including juniors and novices will be competing.Sarah is six years my junior.The good behaviour of our own Club members are still attending with some of the older juniors replacing retiring senior members.Even if it s one of the juniors pissing around on their computer and modem.Otton, the junior who shared time with Kyle Wachholtz at quarterback, started and did not relinquish the position.The other reason she had disappeared with the juniors was that it kept her out of Jack's way.I find it tough to delegate my work to juniors, to the associates.