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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprivate educationˌprivate eduˈcation noun [uncountable]  SESPRIVATE/NON-GOVERNMENTeducation which parents pay for, rather than free education provided by the government
Examples from the Corpus
private educationThey said they hope the publicity will lead to scholarship money for a private education for Miranda.A private education hardly comes cheap: students have to pay up to $ 15,000.Private medicine turned out to be one of these issues, and private education another.At present rates, an average private education will cost you about £50,000 by the end.These schools now provided a free alternative to expensive private education - so that the number of middle-class children in them rose.In due course I shall return to my private education on the London trading floor.Opting out may also serve to encourage the development of private education.