Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: projectum, from the past participle of proicere 'to throw forward'


1 noun
proj‧ect1 S1 W1 [countable]
1 a carefully planned piece of work to get information about something, to build something, to improve something etc:
The project aims to provide an analysis of children's emotions.
a three-year research project
The scheme will now be extended after a successful pilot project (=a small trial to test if an idea will be successful).
project to do something
a project to develop a substitute for oil
The project is funded by Wellcome plc.
2SES a part of a school or college course that involves careful study of a particular subject over a period of time
project on
We're doing a project on pollution.
a geography project
3 also the projects informal American EnglishXX a housing project

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