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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishPTAPTA /ˌpiː tiː ˈeɪ/ noun [countable] especially British English  SES (parent–teacher association) an organization of parents and teachers that tries to help and improve a particular school syn PTO American English an active member of the PTA
Examples from the Corpus
PTAUsually parents are formally invited to the school twice a year, for a PTA meeting and the school sports day.Even the Plowden Report expressed fears of excessive parent power and the possible harmful effects of a strong PTA.There are some really wacky scenes at the PTA meeting that you'd love.Any attempt to dismantle the PTA or outlaw the plastic bullet could lead to a confrontation with police and Army chiefs.We can not refuse, because we are in awe of the formidable women running the PTA.Today, the PTA is holding a fair at the school.With a background of socialism, these PTAs were not averse to spending public money on promoting public transport.School staff made an additional contribution with a timely sketch of various PTA events.