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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishschoolchildschool‧child /ˈskuːltʃaɪld/ noun (plural schoolchildren /-tʃɪldrən/) [countable]  SESa child attending schoolsee thesaurus at student
Examples from the Corpus
schoolchildBy day they give workshops in schools trying to de-mystify classic works for schoolchildren.Read in studio Four schoolchildren have taken on the farming world - and won.Obviously I am always interested in finding out how schoolchildren are preparing for careers in engineering.Communities set up clinics to deliver free gamma globulin shots to schoolchildren.For example, they transport schoolchildren to events in unmarked buses, or pick them up from locations outside West Belfast.If the average middle class white schoolchild is out of touch with the literary standard, the minority child is doubly so.Smith was told to spend more time with schoolchildren.